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Freinds of Tropical Park was setup to help protect the "People's Park" for future generations to come. Organized as a Political Committee, we utilize our resources to create a level the playing field with lobbyists and special interstes who would seek to profit our our public parks.

We started with a campaign to ask the Mayor of Miami Dade to deny a No-Bid Waiver from SEF Corporation to utilze several acres of the park for 6 months of the year for a for profit enterprise.  With the help of neighbors, eqeustrian groups and the Westchester Miami Dade Business Council, we were able to have a successful campaign ensuring Tropical remaines the "Peoples Park"

The Founder is Ernie Thomas.  Born and raised in Miami Dade, Ernie has a reputation for taking on tough problems and finding a way to win to help his community.  Currently living the Miami Dade community of Horse Country, Ernie has lead several campaigns to protect green spaces within his own neighborhood.  Our parks are important, now more than ever.  We must all join in together preserve these treasures for future generations to come.

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